Tino Szn Releases Official Music Video for “Take Flight”

Tino Szn

“Woke up one day to go get to the bag, ain’t get no help, but I don’t gotta brag, I want the lamb, no I don’t want a jag…”

– quote from “Take Flight”

The track “Take Flight” has been previously released, and now, Tino Szn raises the bar by adding a music video to it. A weave of self-celebration and team appraisal, this song shows off Tino in his straight to the point, a blunt way of doing music.

He does not hesitate to brag about his fast-paced success and as a balancing act, acknowledge those that were with him through it all. He also does not forget to throw banters to haters, and folks who were not with him through his hustle.

He had this to say in a personal account of the song – “Take Flight is a song from my project of the same name put together by me and my collective Flight Crew. Together me and the producers stepped outside the box to create 5 tracks with each one having mainstream vibes. The goal was to show off the versatility on both ends and flaunt my ability to have multiple sounds as an artist while still maintaining a hip hop sound…Take Flight is my first project this year and Flight Crew’s first-ever project. I want people to see me (Tino Szn) and Flight Crew like they would see Michael Jordan and the Bulls in the 90s.”


Adding a music video to this song has created an exciting thrill all around his fan base. The pictures were bright and he created a general atmosphere of lightness and fun. Tino lets the rap flow as he moves easily and does his thing under the bright, blue sky.

Tino Szn is from Charlotte, North Carolina. His style doesn’t particularly fit into what’s commonplace in North Carolina, but that’s the point of it all.

He’s called a lone wolf because of this but that doesn’t seem to be enough to deter this energetic rapper. He’s known for delivering exceptional songs with simple, but inventive hooks.

The self-made star is neck-deep in the world of hip hop and rap. He works for producers, Lukrative, Based 1, and Gin$eng.

His rise is fast, and it’s obvious he’s putting in so much grind. That’s always something worth seeing, especially if the product comes out as unique as this.







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