Zenas Moves Deep Emotions in “Void”


“Up every night, I could hardly sleep, trying to fill a void, but my heart so deep…”

– quote from “Void”

The song “Void” describes Zenas ruminating on a tough breakup he had several years ago. He sings about how difficult it was to deal with the loss and also shares some deep truths, hoping that someone will relate to his pain.

It opens with a hook that’s intense, almost jarring. Not laden with too much array of beats, the style is intentional as it gives you the picture of emptiness and void.

He tells about the sleepless nights; three straight days of struggling to get some sleep. Thinking too much and dealing with a racing mind as he tries to wrap his head around what had just happened.

He artistically uses punchy lines to connote the uncertainties of not being sure if it was a blessing that she left. In the end, he just keeps mulling the thought, trying to run away from the endless cycle, but failing terribly at moving on.

Here’s what Zenas had to say about what inspired the song, “Void was inspired by my breakup with my first love. Even though it occurred years ago, the wave of emotions I went through and the process of overcoming them is something I vividly remember. This song is very different from my other releases to date, being that I am channeling many of my personal experiences and sharing them through a somewhat somber perspective. We all deal with breakups differently, however, I am sure someone out there can relate to the message here.”

Zenas hails from Denver, CO. In 2019, he moved to Dallas, TX to further his career in music. He took this opportunity after linking up with Jon-John Robinson, an established producer in R&B that was willing to work with him.


They collaborated on many projects and Zenas continued to produce spectacular music of his own. He put together several soundtracks for the Black Sands, a comic series later turned animation.

Zenas has gone around many venues in the country and out of it spinning records as a DJ, but it has been impossible to limit him to only one area of expertise. This latest release shows him off as a passionate songwriter and singer.

In addition to that, he’s a producer who has been in business for years now. It’s ever-refreshing to listen to this artist. It’s not every day you find talent around on this level.






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