Zach Zoya Drops New Single “In Da Way”

Zach Zoya

“Look, stay out of my business, I got two hundred to go, make it to a million…”

– quote from “In Da Way”

Zach Zoya recently announced his plans to release his debut EP, “Spectrum”, by October 30th. Alongside that announcement, he drops his new single, “In Da Way”.

“In Da Way” talks about how your perspectives change, the higher you go. You may have had humble beginnings, but it’s difficult to keep all the people who were in your life then and to keep them around even after your significant rise.

Produced by DRTWRK (Kanye West, Lil Wayne), it was an engaging array of pictures that supported the lyrics and story of the song. It was directed by Montreal director, Le GED. Together, he and Zoya worked to bring the lyrics to life, line after line, verse after verse.

Zoya says, “This song is about how people treat and see you in a different way once you start gaining momentum. Some feel left out and they’re gonna want to drag you back to their level. This song is me telling these people, ‘Move over, I’m coming through! Y’all in the way’. The video represents my climb up from rags to riches, from me being a nobody to becoming a successful figure in my field.”


This track is Zoya’s third official single that’s straight out of his upcoming EP “Spectrum”. The EP is set for release on October 30th through the country’s top cinema, 7ièmeCiel/Universal Music in Canada. He has previously released “Slurpee” and “Le Cap” earlier in the year.

Both of the releases have recorded over half a million streams. They have even been featured in the national broadcasts of Games 3 and 5 of the NBA Playoff Series.

He has been firmly supported and praised by Dummy Magazine, Complex, the Travis Mills Show on Apple Music 1, and other top media in the country. He recently was on the cover of Spotify Northern Bars Playlist.

Zach Zoya is a Canadian artist who found his feet in the Montreal music scene when he gained the support of 7ième Curl. He grew up in Rouyn-Noranda, a French-speaking city in Montreal.

His accent is noticeable when he performs, something he picked up from his family. His father who was a South African introduced him to African music while his French-Canadian mother introduced him to pop music and North American soul music.

He raps in English, regardless of the fact that French was his first language. Growing up, he started mastering his skill from listening to Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s records, as he wasn’t raised with a television or computer.

His skill has grown exponentially over the years. This artist is now a combination of skill, talent, and ability to weave agile flows.









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