IHateJulian “I Aint Impressed” Remix ft Starling & Lee Cavalli


“I ain’t Impressed, I get a check, put it right on my neck…”

– quote from “I Aint Impressed”

South Florida rap artist IHateJulian forms a team of three, including Starling, and Lee Cavalli, to deliver a track titled “I Aint Impressed” with seductive lyrics.

Laid up with flirty talk and a music video that’s more or less as intense as the tunes, this light music will take you down the lane of fantasy.

The video begins with a rather funny scene where IHateJulian, Starling, and Lee Cavalli pull over to do some maintenance at their work location. The unsuspecting maintenance men are greeted by three beautiful women who are not exactly “dressed” to kill.

The faces of the men at the site will easily crack you up and launch you into enjoying the rest of the fast-paced video. The men expectedly, can’t focus on cleaning the pool or inspecting the cabinets no matter how determined they are to get their job done.

With resignation, they go on to flirt with the ladies who are happy because they had their way. The story brings pictures to you every time, and this is a typical experience for many, no?

Well, the teasing view would get even a blind man. So the trio goes with the flow and in the end, they still consider their workday a success.

IHateJulian is a South Florida native. He was an only child and so had a lot of free time to think, dream, and fantasize. His lyrics, beats, and bars have climbed in recent times and now, his witty, fun, and lively way of doing hip-hop is getting the fans crazy.

A blend of blunt, rude, funny, and satirical, it’s clear how he esteems himself. For him, he has created a kind of sound that he knows no one can successfully copy.

He’s able to transition easily from the stage where he’s pumping out lines and dancing with beautiful models, to wearing a business suit and hosting Raw Miami. Raw Miami is an event that holds every quarter and showcases fresh talents in the arts.

He has his fingers dug into different sectors but it’s highly impressive that he’s a master in all he does. IHateJulian is a rapper, MC, podcaster, and CEO all at the same time.

He is the CEO of 2KLife, an entertainment company that has grown to be prominent in South Florida. They pull in more than 2000 guests yearly with their 2KPoolParty that’s held twice a year in Miami.

He started out as an actor by doing short skits before he moved on to the full-length series titled Close Friends. This series went on to win the best web series at the American Film Festival.

The artist/CEO’s life has been full of excellence, and his fans are anticipating more hot releases from him.








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