Tae Hood Drops Music Video for “Hol’ On”

Tae Hood

“I go anywhere with my chains on, a ni*** try me, they get rained on, it’s a cold world, so the flame on…”

– quote from “Hol’ On”

The easy hook of the song is probably what will get you the most. “Hol’ On” by Tae Hood is a song with an upbeat, steady flow. Not so much for dance, but more for motivation, it’s a nice selection when you’re driving, working out at home, or doing outdoor chores.

With the beat of the song cutting through in resounding booms, you’ll get energized to hit off your day. The “Hol’ On” hook that fills the chorus gets your head bobbing up and down.

Tae Hood tells his caller who’s trying desperately to get his attention to hol’ on, as he’s got stuff to do. The song is a blend of serious drive, focus, self-consciousness, and a sprinkle of bragging which you should expect.

The video produced by DJ Ace shows a calm sit-down. Tae Hood and his gang sit around to show off stacks of raw cash and weed. With all of the money at his disposal, he can basically do what he wants, and any time too.

One for the likes of places such as New York City, the song is getting lots of love there. With a moving-on, don’t-care, do-my-thing kind of attitude infused in the song, you’d get some motivation to keep doing your own thing too. And in fact, to never stop because you’re going to be better off that way.

Tae Hood is based in Cleveland, Ohio. He grew up with older peers and the culture at the time fascinated him, pulling him into the world of music. His older peers had made different songs to communicate the beef that they had with neighborhoods around Cleveland.

Tae Hood was drawn in by the witty banter that went back and forth. He came to love it over the years and towed the line. About a year ago, he took a more serious thought to music and has since then been working his way up.






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