Asha Imuno Reveals Single “CAVIAR” ft Gidi

Asha Imuno and Gidi

“We double back and flood his spot like it’s the thang to do…”

– quote from “CAVIAR”

“CAVIAR” is the second single from Asha Imuno’s upcoming album “4AD imprint b4”. The song is his first collaboration with fellow member Gidi of the Raised by the Internet collective.

About the song, Imuno says, “CAVIAR is the first time people get to hear how far Gidi and I push each other to make something hard and charismatic. We made this record right after I first moved to L.A., it’s the soundtrack to my first over-indulgent summer. Making ‘CAVIAR’ was effortless. It’s a function-friendly take on a 2000s west coast anthem, and makes me feel like I’m tanning in a drop top ‘64 Impala.”

In sixth grade, Imuno played the trombone and the piano. In middle school, he was a part of the jazz and marching bands and learn digital composition. By high school, he had generated original music demos. His musical family and parent’s soul and hip hop collections influenced his career path in his hometown of Moreno Valley, California. A combination of his expansive influence in music, plus his own education, Imuno evolved into a jack of all trades.

Asha Imuno now produces and engineers his own music. He’s now based in Los Angeles and creates with the multimedia collective Raised By The Internet.





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