Brixx Releases “Ready”, Dancehall Music that Gets You Spinning


“My tongue sharp, I’m lippy, lippy…”

– quote from “Ready”

We can never get enough of dancehall, can we? Brixx drops a new rap/hip-hop that’ll get the clubs and parties excited again with her new song titled “Ready”.

Putting in a generous splash of her fierce energy into this track, she skillfully made it into a weave of positive vibes. The rhythm vibrates powerfully with the beat and culminates into exciting jams that you’d wish never stopped.

Brixx’s lyrical prowess is an unusual fuse of English and the Patois dialect. The words roll off her tongue effortlessly, sounding rough yet smooth, creating super upbeat music amidst powerfully paced verses. All of these make Brixx a different breed.

The video is an equally boisterous match to the song. It was produced by DJ and producer Toddla T, the perfect person to ask on a project as this one. Brixx strikes different poses in the video as she does a photo shoot and gets ready for endless parties.

With her friends, they stomp the dance floor, and Brixx, who is the life of the party, drops killer moves without batting an eye. The video is a rather addictive row of pictures and dance moves that match the powerful energy proceeding from the lyrics.

Brixx resides in Birmingham and just recently began to show her abilities as a rapper. The pieces of all the places that made her into who she is, that’s perhaps one of the most exciting things about this brave and versatile artist.

She has fearlessly set herself apart from her contemporaries in the Midland and taken up a style that’s faster and haunting in a good way.

Brixx was born in the United States. Her mother is from Birmingham and her father hails from Jamaica. That explains the transatlantic rhythm that she effortlessly pulls off and the intense rap with an accent.

Since she was raised by Caribbean parents, her being able to speak Patois even before the English language has largely influenced her delivery. It has come together to form something really solid, yet refreshing.

With her track, “Man”, Brixx made her single debut in May. This new song was the change to everything. The rapper part of her has become full-blown and in the open. She enjoys rapping about real experiences and things that have happened to her.

Her original launch into the music scene was a gritty freestyle kind of thing. Now, she’s just shooting high up and creating her own brand without hesitation.

Her freestyle chops are being showcased on Northside Media’s “On Da Radar” series and have garnered over 100,000 views already.






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