Vershon Releases New Single “Reality” ft Chip


“Yuh body still look good inna real life, shake it like ah rattlesnake, rattlesnake, boring gyal dem anuh my type. gyal yuh body hot like fire, look exactly di same like di picture pon yuh timeline…”

– quote from “Reality”

The song, “Reality” is a breezy dancehall hit that flows so well, you won’t want it to ever stop listening to it. With the lyrics focusing on the wonders of the female body, this song fits in your collection of dance tracks.

Vershon enlisted another don, Chip, to help deliver this song, appreciate a beautiful woman, and express their love for good body shapes. Vershon’s soft vocals combine smoothly with the boisterous, polished flow of Chip’s.

“Reality” goes on to show the sensuous part to Vershon. He sings about himself being enthralled with no-filter natural beauty. This is his buffer to his previously released song,”Original”, a track with a rather gritty finesse to it. Vershon is letting go of all inhibitions and showing some raw emotion.

There’s a lot of thrill in the overall construct of the song such that your muscles will move till you’re gyrating on the dance floor. This song is the second single from Vershon’s forthcoming EP, “Only One”. The EP is expected to feature pros such as Trillary Banks, Busy Signal, and Y Cee.

The video is an array of lively scenes of partying, beach outings and calm, serene getaways. The serenity is not without a lot of excitement, and Vershon didn’t disappoint in bringing on beautiful models to make the music downright practical.

Vershon is a talented Jamaican artist with a taste for excellent collaborations. This latest single is another expression of his versatility.

Even though Vershon is mostly known for his presence in grime music, this track is a completely different angle that has been well received. Featuring Chip, who was announced UK’s front runner in Rap, was an excellent professional move.

Vershon first came into global recognition when he released his single, “Inna Real Life”. The song helped him build his career and rise to 364K followers on Instagram, more than 11 million streams, and 44K million views on YouTube.

His best is yet to come because his upcoming EP, “Only One” is being highly anticipated. In fact, it’s expected that it will bridge the gap between Jamaica and the UK. Well, fingers crossed there. Stay on for this fun ride.




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