Grimeyboy Draco Releases Passionate Single “Letter to My Brother’s Killer”

Grimeyboy Draco

“Like a janitor, I’m really tryna clean something, see when it’s smoke in the air, we tryna choke something, pull up next to ‘em, yo I’m tryna dump a hunnid…”

– quote from “Letter to My Brother’s Killer”

“Letter to My Brother’s Killer” by Grimeyboy Draco is a passionate tribute to his best friend, who was murdered in a terrible gun violence incident. The unknown assailant shot him dead. For this artist, it has been a very difficult time since then.

The single is laden with audible pain and fondness for his best friend who he regarded as his brother. The melodies that fill the song go from the beginning to the very end, every verse reverberating with deep-seated hurt and an all-consuming desire to turn back the clock’s hand.

Despite all efforts to try to curb violence in society, it seems to be getting worse. Grimeyboy lets all of his pain come out in this track as he speaks against everything that went down when his friend was shot.

Since it happened, music has been Grimeyboy’s only way of escape. He documented in this track what he would to say to the killer. Sometimes sharp, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, he put his verses all together in a heart-rending compose. You might wanna get some tissue.

Empathizing with this artist would be therapeutic for anyone who is grieving for their loved one. All his words were borne out of sorrow and hunger for justice.

He makes one thing clear; that the murderer would never be in his good book. The hurt of losing a loved one was strongly felt in this track, it was so solid it could almost be held.

Grimeyboy Draco hails from the Cleveland district in Houston, Texas. His music is a refreshing mix of urban R&B and drill music. He’s new, but with what the world has seen of him, you would want to put your money on him.

So far, he has released three singles: “Stand for Some”, “Blood Brother”, and “Letter to My Brother’s Killer”. He is an indie rapper, songwriter, and artist who, though is currently unsigned, is getting very popular and gathering loyal fans for himself.

If you’re a lover of passionate and real music, we’re glad to tell you about this new artist. He’s one to wait for and to expect the best from.

Check out “Letter to My Brother’s Killer” and leave your thoughts below.




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