Joe the Truth Drops “Testimony”, A Song About Untold Pain

Joe the Truth

“Didn’t wanna talk about pain, but this pain hurt so deeply, if I gotta go then Lord take me when I’m sleeping…”

– quote from “Testimony”

Joe the Truth releases new song titled “Testimony” to express his inner pain. The lines focus on his addictions. He also reminisces on the kinds of friends he has kept and wonders who he can really point out as true to him.

Opening with sensational instrumentals, the first lines of the song draw sympathy.

His voice draws out every word until you can hear his pain through the notes. The feeling of loneliness and uncertainty about who is really down with you is all-consuming in this song.

With his fame and money, he has found it harder to be happy. His overwhelming pain about being unsure about life and even who he really is filled the song.

Here’s what he had to say, “This is a real fact about my life, thinking about myself now instead of everybody else’s song. It’s not so easy being a good person.”

Joe the Truth is a young artist from Memphis, Tennessee. His style of music is melodious, passionate, and real. Being a go-getter, he has made waves since he charged into the music scene.

When Joe was 12, his passion for music had become full-blown, and he knew he wanted to do it. He wrote lyrics in class and filled a notepad with song ideas.

By age 16, he got himself a cheap karaoke microphone. Thereafter, he began recording different songs with his friend, Wayne (also known as Pa$o P).

They free-styled in Memphis until he moved to Louisiana where he had a turnaround in his life and music. After settling in his new environment, where he quickly learned the style and culture, he dutifully visited his hometown, Memphis, TN every summer.

His raps were real, truthful, and top-notch, so his friend Pa$o P gave him the name “Joe the Truth”. Employing a delightful mix of R&B, new school, rap, and hip-hop, he’s fast garnering fans.

Check out “Testimony” and be sure to leave a comment below.





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