Fyah Roiall Gets You Moving with “Soda”

Fyah Roiall

“Fyah hotter than the solar, kill enemies wid dah sound yah, take shots at me and it’s over, shake up di place like a soda!…”

– quote from “Soda”

It’s time to get your grooves on! Fyah Roiall’s song, “Soda” isn’t going to let you stand still with the hard beats and smooth lines.

The song is all about transferring positive vibes to all of Roiall’s fans. It describes the thrill and happiness that folks feel when they hang out with their friends.

Precious memories are always created on fun hangouts with the people in your circle, and the song “Soda” aimed to celebrate that in grand style.

“With “Soda”, I wanted to create a visual that was as lively and hit as hard as the track,” explains 300K. “When people go out with their friends, cameras are always out to document and preserve the moment, so it was important to recreate that moment here. I wanted to invite Fyah’s fans to see what chilling with him was like, and I believe we were able to channel that vibe.”

The video of the song was shot in Halfway Tree, Jamaica. The chosen venue was Popin Piercing and Tattoo Shop, as that is one of the places that best depict alternative culture in Jamaica.

Roiall prizes himself on being out of the mainstream even in his own country. His “outsider” approach which affects all his choices including the music he crafts, is evident in the video of “Soda”. He wears tattoos and piercings, two things that are not exactly common in Jamaica.

The video shows him and other like-minded people gathering at the spot to celebrate the moment. This, they did by smoking, dancing, and celebrating their choices as social refugees.

Fyah Roiall is a Jamaican rapper who is aggressively moving the “grimehall” sound forward. The style brilliantly blends up American rap, UK grime, and dancehall to make a refreshing mix.

It’s not strange that his own country is having a hard time getting used to him because he reaches for something beyond the ordinary. He has successfully embarked on bringing hip-hop and bass music back to the place where it all began.

Roiall is deep, authentic, and more in touch with his roots than anyone else. He even beats the foreign producers hands down who are only interested in the trendiness of the Jamaican culture.

His new project, “UNDERRATED” is expected to show the world his full talent. Soon enough, Roiall will climb from being misunderstood to being appreciated globally.

Check out “Soda” and leave your thoughts below.







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