NeONE The Wonderer “Never Die” Supports the Black Lives Matter Movement

NeONE The Wonderer

“Evidence shows that black youths strapped with an intelligent mind is the deadliest weapon…”

– quote from “Never Die”

This is another song to back up the relentless fight for justice in the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Knowing that giving up is not on the plate, NeONE The Wonderer dedicates his song “Never Die” to the victims of racial injustice, and declares that “real legends never die”.

This is NeONE The Wonderer’s second single. It’s dark without being depressing, and even though the fight has been strenuous, his song gives an encouraging angle.

He raps about the limitation that all of these have on the youth, and how the justice system picks sides to give unfair verdicts. The awareness being raised for blacks goes to a whole new level with this song. The passion to keep calling for justice is fueled and hopes are renewed.

The track employs the narrative of “The Ferryman in the Hood” to deliver a strong and powerful rhythm. The song falls in the genre of trap, jazzy drill, and alternative hip-hop.

The music video hits off with a slow array of instrumentals, a gloomy start, then follows blue and black scenes that lend pictures to the dark times.

The video was created and directed by NeONE himself using Grand TheftAuto V’s Rockstar Editor. It depicts the stack reality of the ongoing murder of blacks living in America. In the video, he also features ferrymen transporting the victims of the fight through the night.

NeONE The Wonderer is an artist that is based in United Kingdom, Wolverhampton. He’s a rapper, producer, singer, and songwriter who dedicates himself to self-exploration.

His exploration has driven him to fuse different musical genres of alternative hip-hop, jazzy drill, and trap. He’s a dream wonderer whose perception of reality and normalcy is different from most.

His storylines are never anything short of captivating, and one could even say that his flow gets addictive. His experimental beats continue to challenge the status quo and make his overall craft captivating.

In a few months to come, NeONE is sure to drop more interesting tracks, ones with intense messages and quality production.

Check out “Never Die” and leave your thoughts below.





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