Tino Szn Drops New Single “Chrome Hearts”

Tino Szn

“Know I be working, you lazy boy, swervin’ the Audi, we making noise….”

– quote from “Chrome Hearts”

Tino Szn manages to create a distinctive niche for himself in “Chrome Hearts”. For anyone looking for that thrill in a contemporary song, this banger has it all – a smooth rhythm that begs and garners attention, a tempo that stays true to the end, and a beat that brings it all together. One word? Magic. His unique and melodic sounds that continues to set him apart from his mates. “Chrome Hearts” is a semi-complex song that, with the aid of Tino Szn’s captivating deep voice, will take you down a happy lane. You’re depressed? Listen to Tino belt out “Chrome Hearts”.

This self-made rapper was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. His passion lies in the creation of his own special kind of music – a rapper who is dedicated to paving a distinctive way for himself in the rap world. His music doubles as a way to express himself, his deep feelings and thoughts, something he has never been shy to do. In North Carolina, Tino Szn continues to top the charts and he is by far one of the best artists to seek out and listen to.

Tino Szn is also a budding producer, releasing subtly satisfying beats that has a way of mixing with his words. Renowned producers like Gin$eng, Based1, Lukrative have picked on his talent and he has been collaborating with them as part of the Flight Crew Collective. This does not detract from the fact that he continues to work on sharpening his own personal prowess to match the vision he has and to accomplish his dreams of surpassing the rappers’ hall of fame.


It is refreshing, listening to Tino. His creativity lies in the method he dishes out his expressions. Totally relatable and still elegant, in the best way hip hop can be.

Check out “Chrome Hearts” and leave your thoughts below.







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