LKeys Makes Waves with Latest Single “Here”


“Even when you real, man they still gone hate, I be in the field with skrill all day, doing what it takes, trying to ball all year, crazy how I started at the bottom, now I’m paid…”

– quote from “Here”

“Here” by up and coming Aurora, Colorado artist LKeys is an introspective hip-hop/rap song that has a passionately delivered narrative. Reminiscing about his humble beginnings, LKeys celebrates his gradual rise using a combination of good vocals and tuneful melodies.

A refreshing contemporary rap, his chorus explains how it’s difficult to please people, how you just can’t win with them. As a result of that, he hardly trusts people.

To him, the world’s cruelty is enough to put you off. He goes on to say that he regards hater’s talk as a promo, and it doesn’t worry him one bit. It’s amazing to realize through this artist this other refreshing dimension of rap.

His introspective song celebrates him, as well as pushes his fans with dreams to go after what they want, no matter how tough it gets. He said in it, “Yeah, we took some losses, all they really was, was blessings”.

The video has an upbeat setting with excellent pictures. LKeys shows off his luxurious lifestyle, a reward for working hard. Luxury cars, top-notch garage, and plenty of money-in-hand were used to pull off the music video’s message. It’s everything from quality to pure narrative hip-hop.

LKeys is a Colorado-based up and coming rapper and recording artist for WA Management Service. He has been at the rapping art for a long time but didn’t have enough confidence to let people see his talent until when he was 14.

He used to perform secretly for his friends, but has fast become better and readier for the spotlight. His versatility makes his fans love him and it’s easy now to say that his music is addictive.

LKeys is now one of Colorado‘s hottest up and coming artists. A rising star, he knows his art well and it looks like he won’t be one to get forgotten easily.







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