David Daudin “C’est La Vie” ft Audrey West and Truly Def

David Daudin

“They keep taking shots at us, but none of it ever matters, because my drive is bullet proof and I won’t slow down for none of you…”

– quote from “C’est La Vie”

Orlando rap artist, David Daudin, has just dropped a hit banger in collaboration with two other hip hop artists – Audrey West and Truly Def. The song is titled “C’est La Vie” and is a complete expression of the artists’ personalities.

“C’est La Vie” represents the very style and musical perspective of David Daudin alongside the other featured artists. From the beginning of the song, till its very end, the artists’ rap skills were well proportioned.

The song begins with David Daudin dishing out his unique rap vibes in a fascinating order. He sits in a black truck as he keeps his fans fully engaged in his melodies. Then, the song features the entry of Audrey West and Truly Def. The trio combine their musical talents in the smoothest manner ever heard in hip hop, and the final outcome is a complete banger.

Overall, there is an effortless flow of lyrics and melody in “C’est La Vie”. This flow can only be attributed to the unwavering desire of the rising music stars to show case their gifting to the world.

David Daudin is an Orlando, Florida artist with an organic and unique style. His approach to music is such that he strives to be himself in every of his performances. This approach is the actual reason behind his retention of his real name in his musical career.

David Daudin Cest-La-Vie

From several shows across Florida, to his song releases, the Orlando emcee has not ceased to engage his fans with his performances. In the long run, he looks forward to impacting the global music scene with his style and music personality.

Audrey West and Truly Def are also rising stars to be watched out for in Florida. Their vocal skills and lyrical prowess are never hidden in their performances.  Their fame is one thing rap and hip hop fans in Florida and other states should greatly anticipate.

Check out “C’est La Vie” and leave your thoughts below.








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