Tino Szn Getting Ahead in the Game with “Take Flight”

Tino Szn

“I got too many bands, I put 5 on a fit, jump in that rari, that h** got a kick…”

– quote from “Take Flight”

The newly released song “Take Flight” by Tino Szn is a phenomenal depiction of his incredible journey so far. It details how the young rapper sees himself. The hip hop rap of the track has a master flow that’s energetic and straight in your face. It’s his first mixtape this year and has been reviewed to give listeners a feeling of euphoria.

“Take Flight” opens with a strong hook that goes on to link into expertly woven verses. Tino celebrates his journey in this song. He raps about things that he now does with ease but were somewhat difficult once. You can feel the emotions dripping off this forceful rapper as he celebrates all the possibilities he has created and wades off those who were never with him. The song was produced by Tino Szn’s collective, Flight Crew, and the release definitely displays the team’s versatility.


Tino Szn has always been known as inventive. This quality, in fact, is what has earned him the nickname of the Lone Wolf. His drive is evidently unique, and from start to finish, his positive vibes will put you on a really high pedestal you won’t want to get down from.

The young star comes from Charlotte, North Carolina, and is duly regarded as a self-made rapper. Tino creates his own music, beats, lyrics, and all. His sound doesn’t exactly fit into the North Carolina normal style, but that’s who Tino is – unique. He’s confident about his art and sees himself as a game-changer. Creating music that’s a major drift from regular hip hop is no mean feat, and he isn’t anything amateur when it comes to the rap/hip hop music genre. Tino Szn currently works for producers like Gin$eng, Lukrative, and Based 1.


Is this new release billboard worthy? Absolutely! Watch as he continues to delight his fans with his hot tracks. With Tino San, the sky’s only the beginning.

Check out “Take Flight” and leave your thoughts below.







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