Ty Gutter Releases New Song Titled “NFOFP”

Ty Gutter

“I need it all, not a portion or some of it, these dirty bi*ches, they pu**y, they selling it, I need my money, my cheese, and my celery…”

– quote from “NFOFP”

The new song “NFOFP” (Never Fall Off For Pu**y) by Ty Gutter delivers a sensational message about how he likes to live his life. It’s a simple story told in extraordinary fashion. In this song, the popular rap hip/hop artist talks about pursuing whatever your greatness may be while not allowing sexual interest or the need to impress others divert you from the true goal.

“Never Fall Off For Pu**y” talks about how several things are more dependable than a love for sex, For him, it’s things like money, weed and being successful. The lyrics project Ty focusing on himself, his music, and getting more money while chasing his many business endeavors.

The video backs up what Ty put in his lyrics. Edited by Cliff Scott, the sharp visuals will absorb you as soon as your screen starts to move. He demonstrated with vibrance his message, letting people know what he prefers to do with his time. The video shows images of living good and the everyday grind that you can’t let pu**y pull you away from.

His rap style is direct and unapologetic, and whatever opinion you may have of his convictions can’t thwart the fact that what his ideas have certain strengths to them. Ty said in his video that women don’t have power over him, and that he has successfully thrown his time and passion into other more important things.


Ty Gutter was born in Kansas City, Kansas. His role models growing up were Lil Wayne, Jay-Z ,and 2Pac. He always wanted to go into rap since he was a kid and by age ten, he was already practicing word play. As a child Gutter lived in Atlanta, GA, but at age 13, he was sent back to live in Kansas after staying with his godfather in College Park. His mix with the street life was getting too intense and his godfather sent him back to Kansas. His stage name, Ty Gutter was gotten from his constant involvement with the Activities of those in the “gutter”.









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