Zenas Draws a Different Kind of Emotion in “By Ur Side”


“You and me, we’ve been through it, but we got it done, tell the DJ play, baby let it run…”

– quote from “By Ur Side”

Zenas says that this new hit is “my love letter to my person”. That’s something we don’t see every day. In this passionate track, Zenas opens with a set of organized intricate sounds that tingle your ears and prepares you for the emotion that’s about to hit you.

He dives straight into verse one, his voice fresh, clear and crisp as he says the words that address the one to whom the song is written. The artistic instrumentals beautifully weave the verse into the chorus, where he appreciates his love.

He sings about the one faithful person who he knows, who is always down for him, and who, even if they fight, they always make it back together. He appeals to his love to stay. The beat is steady, and the energy in the song is unbeatable as the crescendo rises and falls with passion.

The continuous rhythm will stop you short, and just when you wonder how better the scintillating R&B mix could get, he hits you with the sweetness all over again. The song ends like it started – a string of well-arranged sounds and then fades away such that you’ll wonder what else he didn’t say.

Zenas says about his new song, “Relationships never have and never will be easy; however, what we have is infinite. Through it all, life, growth, highs, lows, etc., we constantly work on us and appreciate each other always. We also support and show up for one another in all ways.”


The Denver artist, Zenas is more than a DJ. Apart from traveling all over the world to spin at different venues, he’s also a music producer, performer and songwriter. Ever met a jack of all trades who is master of all? Zenas is! He slacks on none of his chosen passions.

This artist exudes raw talent and unique touch in all of his songs that make him endearing to his fans and followers. He has produced several tracks for the Black Sands Soundtrack, which was initially a comic series that was transformed into an animated series.

When he moved to Dallas in 2019, he collaborated on many projects with Jon-John Robinson, who is a well-established R&B producer. He doesn’t stop working on his music and continues to address life issues in his songs. His songs never fail to deliver, and this latest, “By Ur Side”, is so well delivered that it won’t be surprising when he gains even more followers from here.






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