Tay Da Prince “Love One Another” ft John Legend

Tay Da Prince and John Legend

“We need to love one another, need to hug one another, we sell drugs to each other, a brother will say he love, but he’ll still kill you…”

– quote from “Love One Another”

“Love One Another” is a socially educative song by conscious artist Tay Da Prince featuring John Legend. For a song that was inspired by issues like gun violence and racism, it would have been easy for Tay Da Prince to deliver a gloomy, angry message about the hatred people had for each other that led to issues like racism and increasing incidents of gun violence.

Instead, he went the way of encouragement. The song aims to let everyone, regardless of race, creed, sex or any other socially dividing construct know that the solution to society’s problems, and indeed, the world’s problems, is for everyone to love one another.

The love he sings about is not just one of words, but a love that takes meaningful action, bound by an inclusive society. This is shown in a line of the lyrics; “Hey, my sisters and my brothers, love one another.” The admonishment is simple; everyone is his brother and sister, and his only wish is for them to love one another. That way, they wouldn’t kill each other or hate each other.

The release of the music video during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic is yet another sign of the high level of social awareness that Tay Da Prince possesses, and the message is still very relevant. Not to mention the fundraiser that the release of the video sparked off.

The Love One Another Foundation fundraiser is aimed to collect all proceeds from sales of merch and donations to give to Feeding America and Second Harvest Food Bank, so they could use them for COVID-19 relief, in the way of providing meals for those in need.

Many celebrities appeared alongside Tay Da Prince in the video, apart from his famous uncle, John Legend, like Master P, Nyjah Huston, Dionne Warwick, Sugar Ray Leonard, David Oyelowo, etc., were all present in the video. Clad in white, they stood in support of the video, letting viewers know the importance of buying into the message. The song was written in Springfield, Ohio and was performed and produced by Tay Da Prince.

Ohio native Tay Da Prince acted on his interest in music at a young age. He combined his charisma, talent and character to grow and make himself the young, budding artist he is today.

He draws inspiration from R&B, jazz, gospel music and old school hip hop to create his own sound, and with his mega-talented uncle to learn from, you can be sure that Tay Da Prince is a star in the making.

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