Soul Collective Drops New Song “Hope You’re Ready”

Soul Collective

“Two steps to the left, now cross it up, two steps to the right, now cross it up. Now left foot kick, right foot kick, now turn to your right…”

– quote from “Hope You’re Ready”

Produced by Oz Production, “Hope You’re Ready” is a new song by Houston‘s Soul Collective. It is a unique dancehall-ideal song that infuses soul and hip hop beats into brief lyrics to create an overwhelming impression of musical perfection. It is a simple song that speaks greatly of the fun and entertainment the duo intends to integrate into their productions.

By simply taking a step to the left, right and doing a simple dance, you’ll find yourself aligning with the intended dance steps for this song. So, whether it’s a get together party, or just a gathering to cool of steam, “Hope You’re Ready” is the one song that can get you ready for real groove! The interesting fact about the song is that it was written by both singers.

The Soul Collective duo is a two-man singing team that comprises of C-Moe The One and Ced B. Dapper. They’re known for their signature hats and their melodious vocals. Interestingly, both singers are multi-platinum artists and songwriters, and have vast experience with music genres and beat combinations.

Fortunately, both artists started treading the musical path quite early in life. They both grew up loving and appreciating music, and at very young ages, they had the opportunity to sharpen their musical skills in church. It was all worth the effort because they learned all the basics of music in church before proceeding to high school to master their musical talents. Gracefully, both singers draw huge inspirations from the likes of Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, and Jonnie Taylor. It was the inspiration from theses artists that initiated the desire that formed the Soul Collective.

So far, they have not ceased to amaze the world and their fans with their outstanding releases. From soulful tracks like “Try”, to “Get Up”, and now “Hope You’re Ready”, Soul Collective has every ingredient to quench every music longing in their fans and audiences.

Check out “Hope You’re Ready”, and get yourself dancing to their tone.







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