Arsonal Da Rebel “Product Of My Environment”

Arsonal Da Rebel

“A tax paying citizen, they label me a demon cause I got hair like my ancestors and living what I’m dreaming…”

– quote from “Product Of My Environment”

Arsonal Da Rebel has his new song “Product of My Environment” on the release and it sure has good vibes emanating from it for all ears that listen to it.

The music video shows you a lot of what the reality looks like for the minority who are marginalized in the world. It was produced by Wyclef Jean. The track is one filled with lines that tells the political story, personal tribulations, and portrays raw emotion.

The music track was set in Arsonal’s home, Newark with its audience as images of cops in riot gear, people protesting and children viewing all the violence from his TV.

It sends out a message on how the young get caught up at an early age with the mess, which gets their view of the world warped, and Arsonal in response decided to collaborate with his family to stand for the right thing.

The video is a clarion call for the survival of the community and the young artist hopes everyone that watches will key into the message. For him, he might be able to protect the children from seeing the reality of the world, but he should be able to save them from the evil it spews forth.

Arsonal comes from Newark, New Jersey and has been in the spotlight for a while. He first gained recognition as the Battle Rapper of the Decade.

He won 67 of such battles and have earned massive views (up to 87 million) from fans. Many regard him as one of the most highly-ranked rappers to build a name not just in the rap battle scene, but on the internet as well.

He has appeared on various hit programs such as Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. He did sign with a major label; however, that isn’t the primary reason behind his enormous fan base.

Arsonal took a break from his usual rap world to create this one. Listen to Arsonal’s “Product Of My Environment”, and you too will see through the mind of this young artist and understand the realities the young black man faces.





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