28AV “Banana” ft Lil Mosey & Souf Souf


“Copped a Rollie, out in London call it Big Ben. Banana clip hold fifty, give yo wig ten…”

– quote from “Banana”

Absolutely nothing prepares one for this sizzling summer collaboration between the Seattle-based rapper 28AV and hitmakers Lil Mosey and Souf Souf with new song “Banana”.

“Banana” is out recently via H1GHR music. It was directed by 28AV and OLEG KUD and captured a wild pool party. It seems the crew already knows this would be one of their biggest releases and were celebrating before the banger hit the town.

The track signifies the unification of the city as it features 28AV from central, Lil Mosey from the North and Souf Souf from the Southside. “Banana” comes right behind Lil Mosey’s recent breakthrough with his single “Blueberry Faygo”. The song took up the #8 on the Billboard Hot 100.

H1GHR is a Korea-based label which was founded by a native of Seattle, Jay Park. The label runs with the goal of offering great opportunities to talented and yet-to-be-discovered artists in his hometowns of Seattle and Seoul.

28AV speaking about his song collab said, “If I told you how it happened, you might not believe me. But, it all happened on the love, and we all came together from different parts of the city to show the world what the Seattle energy is all about”.

28AV grew up as a Russian refugee in Seattle’s notorious Central District. Just like most other artists, he faced challenges in his pursuit of a music career which, obviously, he overcame. His growing up could be pictured filled with homelessness, loss of loved ones to gun violence and incarceration.

He got to a point where he decided to channel his toughest experiences to art. “I wanna show people that as long as there’s a glimpse of light in that window, you can grab that light and turn it into full-fledged enlightenment”, he had said.

In 2018, he signed to H1GHR Music from where he has released two projects that have received public approval – Darko and Truly Unruly. The past few years have seen him share the stage with popular hip hop names like Pusha T, Young Yeezy and the late Nipsey Hussle.

Do you want to feel the real music vibe? Stream this fun track “Banana” by 28AV and leave a comment below.




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