Prince Navon Drops “A Friendly Reminder”

Prince Navon

“Got it from my hustle, I ain’t never had to steal nothing, don’t condone violence, you press me, I’ll press the kill button…”

– quote from “A Friendly Reminder”

Prince Navon raps about racial inequality and brutality against blacks in “A Friendly Reminder”.

“A Friendly Reminder” is a powerful song that highlights the unfair treatment of the black community and the joint responsibility that we have to effect change.

It’s a passionate outcry against police brutality, but not just that. It’s also an outcry against how silent we are towards it, and Prince Navon uses the song to give the world a friendly reminder about that.

The song aims to ensure that we all know what is going on and our cultural duty to stop it. From a lyrical point of view, the song is a masterpiece that showcases a very original hip hop flow combined with excellent lyrics and a great beat.

From the opening verse to the last, Navon belts out the reality of the despair that many members of the black community live with, and this he does with expertly rhymed bars.

Long after you’ve listened to this song, the beautifully woven words will resound in your mind, alongside the lilting beat that makes the song even better.

The music video is one that passes the message of inequality across correctly; set in sombre, dark colors, Prince Navon raps intensely, and viewers are left with no doubts as to the cause he’s clamoring for. Images of him rapping with emotions are interspersed with several flashing images that clearly show the marginalization of black people by the general society and what exactly we are to do about it.

The video also gives support to the Black Lives Matter campaign and lets viewers see some hard truths driven by facts about the inequality that blacks face in the society.

The song “A Friendly Reminder” was produced by JROD and FlyFamily directed the video.

ATL born and Queen City raised (Charlotte, North Carolina), Prince Navon is a young, fast-rising rapper. He quickly caught the attention of Legacy Music who wasted no time in signing him onto the record label, and he has not looked back since then. He has caught the attention of young fans and taste-makers in the entertainment industry, and it’s only a matter of time before Navon becomes a household name.

Prince Navon started his musical journey aged nine years. Now, he has worked with some of the music industry’s leading producers and was crowned “The Next Big Thing” by Charlotte’s Power 98FM in 2019.

He is a new age rapper that has been influenced by old school hip-hop and R&B, leading him to create his own signature sound and vibe.

An introvert, he has branded the movement his music is inspiring the acronym “S.O.L.O.” – Solitude Only Loves Outkasts, and he uses that to let his peers know that it’s cool to be themselves, even if they are alone in their stand.

Check out “A Friendly Reminder” – the powerful, passionate song that reminds the world of something crucial.






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