1X Releases His Newest Banger “Can’t Trust”


“Imma hide it, you can’t see it, keep my heat under the cover…”

– quote from “Can’t Trust”

Multi-talented 1X has just released his newest banger track “Can’t Trust”. The song is an ideal expression of the kind of energy and exuberance 1X is known for. The young artist made no mistake of leaving out any of his captivating vocal performances in the song. “Can’t Trust” is simply a melodious illustration of 1x’s outlook on life, and it undoubtedly bears lyrics that describe what goes on within the artist’s space.

In the song, 1X tells a compelling story with extraordinarily flowing rap that is capable of stirring his listeners into sessions of emotions with his thoughtful lyrics. Also, the focus with which he releases each word of the song exudes a sort of energy that helps his audience understand the intentions behind the making of “Can’t Trust”.

“Can’t Trust” is a song that promises to set every stage on fire and get people balling in its aura.

1X was born and brought up in New Roads, Louisiana. Just before he took a sharp career transition, he played as a high end receiving footballer and was also a renowned State Championship winner. He even took his football education up to college before he realized where his passion truly was. Nevertheless, as early as 15 years of age, 1X had begun rapping, but never considered rapping a thing to indulge in until he graduated from college.

Ever since his graduation from college, 1X has given much of his time to sharpening his music skills in preparation for the wave of his entrance into the music scene. After a few years of grooming, he has emerged as a rapper and lyricist who knows how to get the crowd to himself.

The up and coming artist has released several singles like “Big1X”, “Rep On”, and “I’m Coming”, that have led him to storm several stage performances in the South. From Houston, to Alexandria, and Baton Rouge, 1X gathers fans with every performance on fortnight basis, and is ever ready to open the entire world up to his sounds.

Check out “Can’t Trust” and leave a comment below.





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