Trinity Square Test the Waters with Latest Single “Down”

Trinity Square

“I can take you ‘round town, we can do it now, now, I got plans to go downtown…”

– quote from “Down”

“Down” by Trinity Square can be rightly tagged as a delightful taster. As the world anticipates the release of their debut mixtape, this single is definitely a sign of super-duper things to come.

Through the splendid, heartbeat-raising mix of US and UK rap, you’ll hear the very energetic Trinity Square’s five-piece navigating through boasts about their musical accolades and wealth. Right on point with the lyrics, the video, and everything!

From the start, you’ll be sucked in by the catchy R&B hook that will have you bumping your head to the music like you don’t care. Every moment of it is scintillating as you get drawn to appreciating the achievements of the tenacious group so far. Each of the members of the well-respected crew expertly switches flow with every verse and then drop it like it’s hot.

Produced by Birmingham’s A Class, “Down” is the second awesome single from the crew’s mixtape “TS WAY”. With their name “Trinity Square” coming from the heart of their hometown itself, this five-piece has indeed found their sound. Your guess is as good as ours – they’re sticking with that sound. In this song, they stay proudly connected to Nottingham, and yes, they’re making it proud.

This group never disappoints with every single that they drop. You shouldn’t expect anything less, seeing as they are strong believers of the fact that creativity has no limits. They’re walking their talk again and again, showing off their music sense with great ease and skill that you just can’t look away from. Trinity Square has had successful singles in the past, and they have gotten solid support from DJ Target, KISS FM, and their hometown’s very own Young T and Bugsey.

The young singers, Huey, Bluu, YD, Babyboy, and Trizzy are definitely on a roller coaster with this one. They don’t fail to satisfy their fans with their expert blend of individuality, energy, and talent. Every verse drips with honey, and we’re right now believing that just as Young T and Bugsey said, “The Trinity Square should be the next big thing to come out of Nottingham”.

Check out “Down” and leave a comment below.





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