Nario Da Don Drops Hit Song “George Floyd”

Nario Da Don

“They treat us like slaves, today we still mourning for it…”

– quote from “George Floyd”

Nario Da Don has released a new track to keep the hopes of his fans in check amidst the ups and downs going on around the world today. He titled the song “George Floyd”, and counts it as a tribute from himself to George Floyd, a black man among many who have been snatched from their people in the most heartbreaking manner ever known to mankind.

The song is a vibrant mix of hip hop and hope, and was produced by Connie Boy Records. It is filled with the heartfelt singing prowess of Nario Da Don and his unfading love for music. He visibly pours his heart into making every line if the song, such that it will be difficult not to hear the agony in his lyrics. “George Floyd” is sure to gather the artist so much love from his potential and existing fanbase.


Nario Da Don is a Tallahassee, Florida native rapper who is a boss of his own sounds. He is expert in blending meaningful lyrics with energetic sounds to speak to the souls of his fans. He is currently signed to Connie Boy Records and is renowned for his unparalleled rap talents.

Nario is gradually expanding his sphere of influence with his quest to balance himself at the highest point of the musical scene’s Who’s Next List. He is currently working on his upcoming project titled “WRNR”, which is to be hosted by Bigga Franklin, a top player in the industry. Among his most recent releases, “George Floyd” happens to be a leading song which is definitely going to gather him a lot of new fans from all over the world. Don’t be left out of the raging wave of Nario’s musical takeover.

Check out Nario’s latest song, and drop your comments.






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