King Smuve Releases “Clean as a Whistle”

King Smuve

“Think you keeping up with me, boy you got it wrong…”

– quote from “Clean as a Whistle”

King Smuve has just dropped a hit single he titled “Clean as a Whistle”. The song was produced in Atlanta and has been constantly receiving endorsement from artists and fans alike. Smuve released this single at the very peak of the catastrophic happenings around the world. Hence, the song is perceived as fans to be a go-to sound for comfort and solace.

“Clean as a Whistle” speaks volumes of Smuve’s unrelenting love for music. It also features the artist performing in an endless flow of his vocal and lyrical prowess as he takes charge of the scene with the song.

Just within a few days of its release, the song gathered a massive amount of likes, views and downloads from different music and video platforms. It is obvious that Smuve is sure to see a corresponding increase in the number of people who get to appreciate his songs. The music industry is also going to experience a remarkable shift with this new song.

King Smuve is an Atlanta based artist who has fully come to terms with his music talents. He discovered his musical gifting at a very tender age and was privileged to have grown around people who encouraged and drove him towards success. His passion for music is effortlessly well represented in his vocal and lyrical performances, and everyone knows this.

His musical ability is way beyond what can ever be found in any up and coming music artist, and the industry is certainly going to appreciate his emergence.

The Atlanta artist calls himself “The Heart of the Slums”, and is profound in giving voice to those in the lower realms of the society. He is also fully aware that nothing can come between him and the greatness he has been destined to achieve.

Check out “Clean as a Whistle” and leave a comment.



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