Ann G Goes All Natural in “Make Me Miss You”

Ann G

“I know you gotta go and I hate it in my soul, but I love it when you do what, love it when you do what, do what make me miss you…”

– quote from “Make Me Miss You”

Ann G has dropped another bombshell in form of a soulful single from her upcoming album. From all indications, every single sound in the song was produced from the artist’s mouth, and her performance speaks highly of her majestic return to the music industry.

“Make Me Miss You” speaks uniquely about love between two people in a committed relationship and all that is born by both parties. The video of the song begins with Ann waking up to a piece of paper – instead of her partner – next to her in the morning. Subsequently she pictures images of the time they spent together right before the sad separation. The R&B song is a track from her “The Sarah Project” album, which was created and produced by the artist herself.


Ann G is a singer who once thrilled the music scene alongside Atlantic Records and her unique vibes before going underwater for almost 3 decades. In 1989, she released a debut track “If She Knew” that soared to Billboard’s top 20 and bore her unique signature of meaningful lyrics that addressed whatever issue confronting the American people at the time. After her long silence, Ann G made her re-entrance to the music scene with her enticing “Something’s Got to Give” song.

Ann G does not sing for just the money and fame, she sings from the well of passion for music that is bubbling inside of her. It seems her come back in the industry means away with instruments and mixers – she’s bent on expressing herself through her voice, and her voice alone.

In an interview with a prominent media house, Ann G explains that ever since she left Atlantic Records and the music industry, she’s been busy giving life to her huge ambition towards music. Having lived through several eras of changes in the music industry, she decided to return with a Capella, to self-produce her own beats, and called them R&B beatboxing. So if you’re a true music lover, it would be completely impossible for you to miss the passion and originality in all her comeback releases.

Alongside the exciting anticipation for Ann G’s “The Sarah Project”, have a listen to her “Make Me Miss You” track and leave a message below.








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