Tino Szn Unveils Another Banger “Ohh My”

Tino Szn

“Got her off a bean, caught a body in my dream, bought a Richard Millie cause we on the same thing…”

– quote from “Ohh My”

Tino Szn is out to thrill his fans again with his latest banger “Ohh My”. Just like every other song released by the artist, “Ohh My” is a healthy dose of energetic melody for anyone seeking a lively contemporary song. Of the countless songs created and produced around the artist’s location, his latest release happens to be quite unfamiliar, but outstanding. Interestingly, “Ohh My” has more simple but complex and melodic lyrics that will take listeners down a soulful lane.

As expected, the song was produced by a budding but talented producer popularly known as ooooze. Ooooze happens to be a producer with an inherent passion to give songs the very life and energy they require. Hence, his effort, as well as those of Tino were creatively merged to make “Ohh My” among the best bangers in North Carolina. In no time, the song will undoubtedly boast of plays, streams and downloads from the largest crowd in his town.


Tino Szn is a very promising up and coming artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. He is widely known for his unique way of dishing out his sounds to his fans and satisfying their inherent desire for music. He is also an emcee who is gradually paving his way into the rap industry and he is never ashamed to express himself through his rap whenever he could.

Tino is a self-made rapper who takes pleasure in creating his own songs. His songs are greatly influenced by a host of other artists, but his aim is to ensure that every one of his songs give listeners the unfamiliar, but unique feeling of satisfaction.

Among a host of other achievements, Tino also exhibits expertise in producing impeccable beats that always find a way to harmonize with his lyrics. He currently works for prominent producers like Lukrative, Based1 and Gin$eng in the Flight Crew Collective, while he also sharpens his rep skin to match his intended destination. In terms of creativity, Tino Szn has a way of crafting his expressions through his songs as a major shift from ordinary hip hop.

Tino Szn remains one of the best artist to listen to in North California. Check out “Ohh My” and leave a comment below.







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