Rising College Basketball Star – DJ Johnson

DJ Johnson

Have you ever met a basketball player who is so determined and keen on being the best in every one of his games? Then you should meet David Johnson Jr, popularly called DJ and @iamdjjohnson. He is a San Antonio, Texas athlete who is currently a senior and also into networking as an entrepreneur.

Iamdjjohnson was raised by his widowed mother, Tiffany Jackson, who took on the sole responsibility of caring for him and his brothers since his father’s demise. DJ Johnson’s father passed in 2005 and was also a prominent basketball player during his lifetime. The college basketball player apparently inherited his number 23 from his father, who also played as number 23 basketball player. Right now, whatever efforts DJ Johnson puts into basketball, he does so to keep up the legacy his father left behind and to make him proud wherever he may be.

DJ Johnson

DJ Johnson currently pursues his dream to be a renowned college basketball player with strong motivation from his family. He is fully supported by his courageous mother, Mo’vante and Da’monte Johnson, his brothers, and Natasha Popovich, his girlfriend. They inspire him to always put his best into his games. In fact, through ups and downs, iamdjjohnson has always had his family remind him of how much God can help him accomplish his dreams. So, he chases his dreams, acknowledging the place of God in helping him fulfill his dream.

DJ Johnson also makes it a duty to acknowledge people who have helped his basketball career in one way or the other. His former coach, Leroy Harley, is one of them. Coach Leroy coached him in a traveling basketball team called Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and also helped him play up to college level. The young player is ever grateful to his former coach.

iamdjjohnson is currently playing and studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Sports Management. And he also has big plans to enroll in the NBA on his graduation, so that he can play basketball in other countries.

Iamdjjohnson loves networking when he is not playing. In his words, networking allows him to meet different people that could one day be of help in his career. He also enjoys spending quality time with his family and he loves video games alongside healthy doses of competition.



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