Justina Valentine Sizzles Pretty in “Hide & Seek”

Justina Valentine

“I call them ho*s little Bo Peep, don’t care if they deep, they been intimidated so they always keep distance from me…”

– quote from “Hide & Seek”

Sexy red-haired, New Jersey rapper Justina Valentine has just dropped a new single she titled “Hide & Seek”. In the song, the beautiful artist goes solo till the very end, and every listener can feel the heat of her smoky style in between every lyric of the song. “Hide & Seek” is as sleek and lush as the artist, and is a perfect fit in the trending pop culture of the music scene.

In “Hide & Seek”, Valentine references figures like Tiger King, Roddy Rich, and every other person of high regard to her. The way she takes charge of her melody is nothing like you’ve ever seen in the music scene – she’s a grandmaster of her own beats. She kits herself in bold red attire to match her hair, and attitude towards music and life in general. Her rap in the song is only an indication of her invincibility as a talented emcee, and even though the video was not without minor quirks, the artist’s performance promises to keep you fully engaged.


Justina Valentine is a multitalented Jersey actress and lyricist who also raps, writes her songs, and hosts several TV shows. She starred on MTV’S Wild ‘N Out on VH1. Gracefully, the unstable nature of trends within hip hop has not been able to stop Valentine from being the very best in her music performance. This is because her day-to-day activities evolves greatly around her fans to enable her discern what musical trends would gather enough love from them.

Being a TV host and social media influencer, Valentine is bold, sassy, and knows just the right buttons to press to elevate her game. Her songs naturally find their ways to various TV channels and product commercials, such that she continues to expand her fan base with every one of her track releases. When it comes to rapping, Valentine becomes a king, every other female, and even male rappers, submit to her prowess. Be sure to expect a fair dose of her rap talent in “Hide & Seek”.

Presently, the sassy singer’s life has experienced events that are sure to increase her fame as a singer. Valentine is also now a cohost on  MTV’s “Lip Locked” and “How Far is Tattoo Far?” TV shows. Her 2 million-followers Instagram page is definitely going to blaze hot with millions of more followers because of her latest release, and roles on MTV.

Click on the link below to get a sensational feel of Valentine’s “Hide & Seek”.









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