Trey Triple A. Don’t Hold Back in “Unapologetically Black”

Trey Triple A

“Mr. Officer, don’t like the color of my skin. Well, I don’t like you either and I’m not ‘bout to pretend…”

– quote from “Unapologetically Black”

During these troubled times Denver artist Trey Triple A. felt it necessary to release a song that’s a relevant topic about racial injustice titled “Unapologetically Black”. He plans to donate all money generated from the song to a black business or family in need. 

In “Unapologetically Black”, Trey doesn’t hold back when expressing his feelings about police brutality.

Trey Triple A. displays his knowledge and values of street culture through his music. His unique approach to music usually consists of heavy 808s, trap sounds, contemporary pop, and R&B. With his ability to lyrically flow on any subject, one never knows what to expect from him. He frequently switches up with singing and rapping effortlessly in a lot of his songs.

In his own words Trey says “I don’t go in with a set agenda on sound or topics, I truly allow the instrumentals to guide me into certain vibes/moods. sometimes I sing sometimes I rap sometimes I do both and I only speak from experience or inspiration from the events of my life or the people close to me.“

Growing up, Trey battled a lot of health issues, but was able to find light out of the dark situations. He says “I don’t want sympathy, these are the cards I was dealt and like any one facing adversity I just have to work a little harder to get where I want to be.”

With all of his hard work and talent, he is sure to be a household name. Catch him traveling and performing at music festivals nationwide. He has no intentions of slowing down soon and definitely a force to be reckon with.

Check out “Unapologetically Black” and leave a comment below.





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