Tain Releases Heart-Breaking Single “Love Me Not”


“You don’t love me like you say you do, I know you fronting. Say you’d got my back, but then you treat me like nothing…”

– quote from “Love Me Not”

Denver-based artist, Tain, who is best known for his baritone voice and masterful flow, is going all out with his super heart-breaking single “Love Me Not” from his latest “Purple Tain” project. He leaves nothing to the imagination as he brings back the nostalgic mix of rap and blues in his latest rendition.

“Love Me Not” is a tribute to his favorite legend Prince, and released on the day the legend was born. Still, “Love Me Not” is a sound from the heart.

On this slow and dreamy sounding track, Tain speaks on people who say they love him but their actions don’t necessarily match what they tell him. He also talks about how easy people can treat someone terribly, even when that person does everything to put them first. He goes on to shed more insights on the number of phony people we come across in life who can look into our eyes and spout lies without a second thought.


There are five words to describe “Love Me Not” – Real, Heartfelt, Relatable, Different, and Rare.

The song shares an authentic view on the kind of people we do meet in this world and the best ways to make sure they don’t hurt us.

Already “Love Me Not” is getting a lot of airwaves and positive reactions from across boards. Only one day after its release, Tain has received over 6,000 views on his Instagram post. It is indeed a great song and might be one of the artist’s biggest song yet.

Tain is still very much in control, and his remarkable new single just shows that he is out to make a legacy.

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