Tino Szn Drops Energetic Single “Today”

Tino Szn

“I gotta get my chips like Frito Lay, swear to God I’ll never quit, go all the way…”

– quote from “Today”

Charlotte, North Carolina artist never disappoints with his terrific hip-hop renditions. This time he is joined by Lil Tracy’s Producer Lukrative in making the music track “Today”.

“Today” is a masterful blend of lyrics, inspirations, thoughts, rambles, and all the stuff you probably won’t hear until the fourth round. It is dynamic but beautifully blended to transform your mind.

The hot single is also a message to his fans and well-wishers about keeping focused on “Today”. He talks about why yesterday shouldn’t matter at all to anyone. In this melodious track, he shows how grateful he is for his past, regardless of the missteps and how much he would instead focus on “Today” and then get stuck in the past.


Best known as the Lone Wolf, Tino Szn lives up to his iconic name. His sound is distinct and entirely removed from the mainstream trap sound. There’s no doubt his innovative flow is perfect.

Still, there are no visuals for the new track yet, but “Today” is truly remarkable and engineered to keep listeners entertained. “Today” is an excellent example of Tino Szn’s ability to switch into a variety of flows and still maintain a sure consistency not seen anywhere else. This latest rendition is a happy, summer vibe quite unlike his previous hit songs, which were designed to depict a dark and epic edge.

“Today” is already receiving a lot of positive reviews from friends and fans via his social media handles. There’s no doubt Tino Szn is meant for bigger places, and this might just be his biggest hit single yet. Despite the warmth and happy buzz around this track, Tino Szn remains true to his complicated self with his fascinating mixes of simple hooks and verses. He is relentless in his pursuit of uniqueness and yet able to meet the expectations of his fans. Check out this iconic single “Today” on all your favorite media platforms.







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