G4 Boyz ft Chief Keef “Local Scammer”

G4 Boyz and Chief Keef

“Insert card, I’m online, sufficient funds in the swipe. Service fees too high, KMT, that’s a third of the swipe. African boy, that’s me, you won’t catch me with no dead CC…”

– quote from “Local Scammer”

Chief Keef Photo Credit: glenjamn3

This time, the New York-based artists, Ice Baby and Buggy, better known as G4 Boyz, are on the airwaves with the multiplatinum Chicago drill superstar Chief Keef, adding a dynamic style to this irresistible anthem.

The latest release is a remix of the original “Local Scammer”, an explosive party banger that took over the radios upon its release. Now fresh from the success of “Rumors”, the Chicago superstar, Chief Keef, goes wild with G4 Boyz to add a new perspective on the heady song.

Known for their impressive, creative rap renditions, the G4 Boyz does not disappoint in their new track, which is fast becoming one of 2020’s outstanding anthems. “Local Scammer” is not just another track out there, it is G4 Boyz’s way of taking a stance of the scamming temptations witnessed across the internet. There’s no doubt he’s got his views straight, exceptionally sizzling, all-time anthem, as he uses the lyrics to teach his fans about the different local scams out there, and what they can do about it.

The song is mainly focused on the scam “Money Mules” where money from proceeds of crime are transferred through a victim’s bank account, making the victim feel as though they are getting a cut of the laundered money.

Following the masterful flow lyrics and energetic vibe, is the equally super dirty and dark party scene. For the G4 Boyz, the present hot single is their ticket to taking over the airwaves, especially after the success of the Ivorian Doll.

Already “Local Scammer” has gotten over 1.7 million streams on Spotify and over 2.1 million YouTube views since its release. It has equally received immense support on all sizes of the bonds from 1xtra, Radio 1, and Capital Xtra in the UK and Apple Music’s Beats 1 stateside. Not to mention, it continues to make waves on Tik Tok and Triller where the @LocalScammerChallenge trended. There is no doubt that this is a hit single on the rise.

There’s no doubt that G4 Boyz are staying true to their mission to delivering explosive sound and visuals through their fantastic talent. Tune in to your favorite media platform and start enjoying the dark, edgy vibes of this latest club banger.


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