Waynewood Drops a Hit Track “Day N Night” ft JavyDade


“I’ve been working from the AM to the PM, no distractions, never lacking, all this work, I’m only bragging now…”

– quote from “Day N Night”

Louisiana born artist Waynewood has just released a hit track he titled “Day N Night” in which he featured JavyDade. “Day N Night” is in every way like all of Waynewood’s records – bearing his signature rock vocals and hip hop beat combination.

JavyDade’s unique entrance in the song makes it even more desirable to listen to. He uniquely complements Waynewood’s music talents to produce “Day N Night” as the song of the moment. Just like every other song released by Waynewood, “Day N Night” is currently gathering streams and plays in the thousands across several platforms.

Waynewood is a singer, guitarist, engineer, producer and songwriter born in Louisiana – precisely Alexandria. He is known for the manner he infuses rock vocals into different genres even with his identity concealed. Waynewood’s music style isn’t in any way challenging to identify provided you’ve heard and understood any of his previous tracks. Once you acquaint yourself with his style, you’ll never want to miss any of his tracks again.

On the other hand, JavyDade is another singer, songwriter, engineer and emcee who was born and brought up in Miami. He thrills and leaves his audience curious for more with his groundbreaking skills in Spanish, hip hop and R&B. Right from his encounters in his parents’ guitar classes at a tender age, to his kicking off his music career with his bedroom recordings using podcast microphones and instrumentals, and his collaboration with Miami’s YJ to release “YDADE”, JavyDade has always been that unique figure in the music industry.

JavyDade is currently signed to Insane Labz Music. He has also released his debut single titled “Up Up and Away”, and is looking forward to releasing his upcoming “Voyage” album.

Take a listen to have a measure of Waynewood and JavyDade’s “Day N Night”.






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