Frais Drops Newest Single “Come Round Me” ft Germ


“Ridin’ round toting that laser, ten toes down on that paper, fu*k bout a hater…”

– quote from “Come Round Me”

Frais has just dropped his newest single “Come Round Me” in collaboration with Germ. The song was co-produced by G59, Cinematic Music Group and Set Records. Just recently, the official video premiered on Cinematic TV to the amazement of all Frais’s fans and followers.

“Come Round Me” absorbs all that Frais is and combines sounds that are beyond what you’ve ever heard before. It speaks uniquely of Frais’s music influence and his general perspective of life. It also combines Frais’s mind-blowing vocals and his amazingly impressive lyrical consistency to produce a song which fans and followers are undoubtedly going to reckon with. Plus, the visuals of the video cannot be described by mere words – it is awesome!

Frais was raised in Charlotte by a single mother and grew far from the norms with music at his fingertips. Hence, he never fails to present his songs as a full expression of his entirety. Frais has an ear for Sonics, and is determined to create a world of music that is completely and uniquely crafted by his imagination and musical experiences. “Come Round Me” is a proof of the artist’s desire for uniqueness.

Over the years, Frais has built himself as a singer and emcee alongside artists like Germ, Lil Gnar, and G Herbo. He doesn’t just limit his performances to studios alone, he has also taken to tours and stage performances to display his musical gifting. Featuring Germ in “Come Round Me” is a clear indication that he is aware of how talent can make the difference.

Germ is also a budding music star with a promising music career. When it comes to lyrical prowess and vocal flexibility, Germ has got it all figured out. In fact, he adds that extra delicious sauce to “Come Round Me” to make the song the talk of the town.

Get a good listen to “Come Round Me” and leave a comment below.








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