Cheflodeezy Unleashes His Newest Track “Ass Up”


“FaceTime she nuh suck hood, but she face mine, she a boom off mi step, she nuh waste time…”

– quote from “Ass Up”

This year, Cheflodeezy has shown that he is totally in for a game of regular music releases. All his releases, including his mixtape “Kitchen Talk” that was hosted by DJ Chill, have not failed to receive warm acceptance by his fans and followers. “Ass Up” is the rapper’s release for a summer anthem and is detailed with a good hint towards his undeniable origins. The song was produced by all-time producer Reggie Beatz and is a unique blend of Jamaican vocals and up-tempo jams. So if you’re in for a little loose party this summer, “Ass Up” is the track you need to set your mood on fire.

“Ass Up” features DJ Fatboy Rhymer who spreads a nice layer of sauce over the beat of the song, making the track’s up-tempo vibe unmistakable. The official video of the track was shot in Kingston, Jamaica, and directed by Steven Bernard who is also called Cinema gods. The strip club rhythm of the song was nicely choreographed by Versatile Ones’ Kimiko Miller who nailed the entire beat of the song with an energetic string of dance moves. The song is available on most music and streaming platforms, and is gradually gathering a massive online presence to itself.

Cheflodeezy is an up and coming Jamaican emcee who has spent most of his life in Miami. He moved to the City at age 9, and discovered that he had a thing for music during his teenage years. His inclination towards music began to bud when his best friend would teach him all he had to know about Fruity Loops, a beat producing platform, and also help him mash up makeshift beats.

However, Cheflodeezy joined the streets after high school. With so many memories of a troubled past, Cheflodeezy nearly went to jail for some classified reasons. Nevertheless he had a change of heart and became a whole new person. Cooking – along with his undying love for music – became his channel of healing.

The rising artist did not only have talents in rapping, he also became a promising chef after attending culinary school. He even features in prominent magazines like SoHo House magazine, and also prepares delicious delicacies for celebrities. Nevertheless, even with the chef cap and apron, Cheflodeezy would never let his music talent go to waste. He would rap for his fellow students back then in culinary school and takes his time off work to record and release tracks. “Ass Up” is one proof of his unfading love for rap.

Listen to Cheflodeezy’s “Ass Up” and add it up in your summer playlist.





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