MOPHEAD TBC Unleashes New Track “Get To It”

Picture of MOPHEAD TBC

“They say that they sliding out, they say that they riding out, gone see what we sliding bout…”

– quote from “Get To It”

MOPHEAD TBC has released a well-crafted song he titled “Get To It”. The song was crafted by Kimu, a renowned engineer in Brooklyn. Kimu is known to work hand-in-hand with SurfGang and singers like POLO PERKS <3 <3 <3. His collaboration with MOPHEAD TBC has excellently created a special track which is way different from his usual flows.

“Get To It” is a  song that clearly displays the young artist’s flair for music, as well as his ambition for nothing less than the top.


MOPHEAD TBC is young, but he has garnered more than enough musical achievement to last him a long while. MOPHEAD TBC writes his own songs and he releases them with a corresponding vocal flexibility. Although still very much up and coming, MOPHEAD TBC has graced the famous stage in New York such as SOBs. He has also been able to attract mighty record labels to himself, although he is currently not signed to any label at the moment.

MOPHEAD  TBC’s “Get To It” is a track that is worth every second of your listening.

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