L.I Freeze Raps About Love Life in “My Only”

L.I Freeze

“Girl you’re not my only, I smile every time you phone me, can’t let this lifestyle take you from me…”

– quote from “My Only”

Canadian artist, L.I Freeze is dishing out his heartbreaking confusions in his hot new single “My Only”.

Known for his versatile sound and freestyle lyrics, the talented artist again showcases his energetic vibe and knack for deeply enriching words in this new song.

“My Only” is about trying to keep his relationship with the one that sets him straight, while getting carried away by the glamour of his present lifestyle. In this track, he pours out his heart about a lost soul, whose friends and fans are keeping him from thinking and going in the right direction. So, he holds on in desperation to the single thread of home and the only thing keeping him from a really empty and lonely life, even while knowing that this lover of his isn’t his only.

The lyrics of the new rendition is epic and heart-wrenching. Yet the artist is quite known for his knack for stringing words together and delivering a stunning combo without actually planning ahead. 

L.I Freeze doesn’t stop at showcasing his incredible talent in the beautiful blend of sound and lyrics. He also goes on to show his artistic nature in the exciting but simple music video. He is proud to state that he did everything on his own, from the sound to lyrics and visuals. Yet, it’s a beautiful rendition, captivating but sorrowful. It goes to show that L.I Freeze is stepping up and staying with his goal to create fascinating sound, visuals and lyrics that his fans can connect with and enjoy anywhere. Already, “My Only” has received hundreds of positive reactions from fans, and bearing in mind that stunning sound, it just might be the biggest songs written by the artist.

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