Erica Banks Showcases her Tantalizing Buzz in “Buss It”

Erica Banks

“Real slim waist wit a body on me, got damn I’m poppin I’m hot. Real thick bands in a mf pants, he was staring from a stance, so I took em to the spot…”

– quote from “Buss It”

The smooth-tongued artist, known for her flawless and natural beauty, never fails to dish out her energetic vibes in her music. “Buss It” is no different, as she goes on stage to expand upon Nelly’s 2002 hot single “Hot in Here” with the sensational single.

The song “Buss It” is a part of her yet and self-styled debut album, with hot collaborations with Lil Migo and Beatking. It is her way of telling the world that she is indeed ready to set the stage differently, with her versatile trap flows and lyricism.

Erica Bank’s hot new single “Buss It” is produced by 1501 Production Squad. The music video features her own sensuality in a gym-styled, a**-banging, hip-grinding contest. “Buss It” is about bossing up her lovely attributes and “cookie” if you can indeed get to that stage. However, Erica Banks and her beautiful ladies are bound to keep you enchanted with their spectacular moves.

Speaking on her inspiration behind the track, the Dallas rapper, Erica Banks, has this to say “Some people got the look but not the sound. Some people got the sound but not the look, but with me having both, it makes people stop and pay attention to what I got going on.”

Already people are really paying attention as the new track has been taking over the airwaves across Texas, Chicago, Norfolk, Shreveport, and more. Within 24 hours of its release, it’s been trending on Twitter and other social platforms and has gotten her over 2 million views. There’s no doubt it’s going to be her biggest mixtape yet.

Still, Erica Banks never fails to step up to the challenge. She is hot and never fails to bubble it hotter than lava, with her honey skin tone, gorgeous shape, and sexually explicit lyrics. With three hot mixtapes yet and an album in the making, Erica Banks has already proven that she is amazingly good in the rap game.

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