Ktlyn Drops “Blondes Have More Fun Freestyle”


“Gotta a lil bark, but he got no bite, jeans too tight…”

– quote from “Blondes Have More Fun Freestyle”

Ktlyn dishes her own adventures as a blonde in new song “Blondes Have More Fun Freestyle”.

The San Diego rapper is known for her sensational flow and masterful lyricism. Although it isn’t the first time we have heard songs about blondes having more fun, there’s no doubt Ktlyn is different.

“Blondes Have More Fun Freestyle” is her tribute to blondes like herself, who are usually measured up for their gorgeous looks rather than brains. She talks about having all the guys she wants without really caring. Being a blonde herself, it is also about her being able to do everything she wants and having loads of fun, which she states that the charm is mostly from her hair color. Ktyln also talks about her ability to look like a sleeping beauty in her sleep.

To Ktlyn, being blonde opens a lot of doors for her, and yet the stunning part of this track is that it flowed from her without any need for editing or modifying. No doubt, Ktlyn will go many places as she steps out and keeps to what’s real in the industry. However, there are no visuals for “the music track yet”, although we are keeping our fingers crossed. Ktlyn is on a mission to get positive reviews from fans and artists, alongside selling them experience. “Blondes Have More Fun Freestyle” has received thousands of reactions from fans and friends, and it just might be the most significant songs by the artist here. Ktlyn holds firm to her goals to remain real and consistent so that her fans can connect and she will endue the studio and live performances.

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