Kid Travis Releases Melodic Track “I Want My Hoodie Back”

Kid Travis

“One day, I think I’ll forget your name. It’s been years now, she’s got nothing to say. I’m upside down, in my head your still around…”

– quote from “I Want My Hoodie Back”

Philadelphian born artist Kid Travis is dishing out his brand of heartbreaking romance in his new track “I Want My Hoodie Back”.

The talented young singer is known for his versatile style. He never stops at nothing but goes right in bold and unapologetic as he tries a new sound after another. Deeply passionate about music, he is always ready to go beyond the expected with his robust melodic punk/trap undertones.

His new track “I Want My Hoodie Back” is about being lovesick and desperate memories about his lover. It imbibes all the captivating fantasies he has of his lover if he ever got her back and his struggles to forget her. “I Want My Hoodie Back” is his tribute to his past lover and his way of talking about all the fun and sexy things he wishes for. As a music producer, he is entirely involved in every aspect of his sound and has not failed to deliver the best.

“I Want My Hoodie Back” is a beautiful rendition and showcases his brand of edgy and enchanting vibes. For Kid Travis, “I Want My Hoodie Back” is not just another track. It’s his way of stepping up his game to deliver a sweet melodious blend of beats, lyrics, and a good dose of imagination. 

Already, “I Want My Hoodie Back” has gotten a lot of positive reactions from fans and friends alike. There’s no doubt it would stay for a long time in their minds and might just be the artist’s hottest tracks yet. Kid Travis never fails to show his intense love for music by delivering something unique and extraordinary with each release.

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