UKNWN Releases New Single “To The Moon”


“I’ve been going for change, they say I ain’t the same, say charge it to the game, cause there’s no one to blame…”

– quote from “To The Moon”

The British rapper, UKNWN is keeping his fans on their toes with his masterful flow in his latest song “To The Moon”.

The young Enigmatic artist, who is known for his unique blend of wavy, trap sound, retro visuals, and catchy lyrics, goes all out in dishing out what he describes as his own brand of “escapism”.

“To The Moon” is about this transition period in his life when he has to figure out how far he had come and how far he wants to go. By reconnecting with himself, he passes on the message to his fans and followership about remaining focused on who they are, especially when they are people who don’t really fit into the crowd. It is his way of telling them to stay as themselves – outcasts or misfits – it doesn’t really matter, but grasping their brand of happiness.

The track “To The Moon” comes alongside his “22” EP, with massive collaborations with hot producers like Honeywoodsix, Jaime La Cree, Jay Youngs, and Cagebeats.

The hot single “To The Moon” is the third track on the EP and follows the theme of the May released single “Bussdown” and March’s hot record “Adele”. Specially produced by Jaime La Cree and visuals by The Midnight Crew, “To The Moon” gives just the animated flow that UKNWN is known for. It is totally unique and meant to take you out of your skin and “straight to the moon”.


The music video is equally something out of the ordinary, like “Bussdown”, it starts out as a arcade game, before literally taking you right out of space with its retro and spacey aesthetics also with consistent pictures and genre-bending melodies. Through the impressive “out of space experience”, the visuals showcases a calm and resonating vibe, along with a breath of creativity to deliver a refreshing buzz. It equally highlights what we already know that UKNWN has a deep passion for – gaming and inspirations from Grand Theft Auto.

As expected, “To The Moon” is already winning the hearts and minds of fans, so there’s no doubt it might be one of the hottest singles released by this the artist. Through the song “To The Moon”, there’s no doubt UKNWN is relentless about his mission to create explosive experiences from soothing and genre-bending vibes.

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