Amaru Cloud Launches a New Single “Andale”

Amaru Cloud

“In the telly make a movie like I’m Tarantino, pop out you gon’ know if she my bi*ch if she in Valentino…”

– quote from “Andale”

In his freshman year, Amaru Cloud took a turn that changed the course of his entire life – he decided to pursue his musical career. 18 months after his critical decision, he now has a ton of captivating melody and lyrics to his credit. Thanks to all the encouragement and influences from his family and close friends.

With his super-talented ability to easily work between music and rapping, Amaru now has to himself a good number of fans and followers. They have continued to increase every single day. His songs are also worth every listen, as the artist understands how to play his cards pretty well during music production.

Amaru Cloud was born in Queens, but currently lives in New Jersey with his family. To him, there can’t be music without family, so he chooses to follow whatever his family members think is right for him. Longevity is also important to Amaru, so he’s going all gently and steady with his rise as a superstar. He fears rising to fame very quickly, only to fade out in a few years time.

Amaru’s latest song “Andale” is clearly a reflection of who he is, as well as his multidimensional musical talent. The song combines a mature flow of melodies, and heartfelt lyrics to unveil the artist’s personality and musical prowess. “Andale” is definitely going to have Amaru’s fans and even more followers loving up on him in no time.

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