Ms.Erikka Drops new Song “Shots Fired”


“So unapologetic, yeah I said, don’t regret it…”

Kansas City, Missouri artist Ms.Erikka is dishing out the “rules of the game” to all the fakies around her.

Best known for her hardcore explicit lyrics, Ms.Erikka, doesn’t sweat it as she goes hard and wide in her latest track. The talented artist, who calls her style of music “unapologetic” has been singing for as long as she could remember. Her fiery blend of soul and R&B never fails to hit the nail on the head.

Ms.Erikka’s new rendition, “Shots Fired” is a tribute to the death of her loved ones and family, Tiny Tim and Jay Lyricz, whose lives have been cut short in the most horrible way as her music goes on to clarify.

The track is a message to people who spend their time trying to talk bad about others and how they go about living a hypo-critic life, pointing fingers elsewhere instead of focusing on building their own lives. Ms.Erikka goes on to talk about how that kind of life can lead to a terrible end if they don’t set about making things right.

“Shots Fired” is Ms.Erikka’s way of stepping up and letting the haters know what really matters to her. She doesn’t mince words about shaming those who choose to live that kind of life. For Ms.Erikka, “Shots Fired” isn’t just another track. It’s about bleeding out her heart so the world could see. She doesn’t need to go on about what inspires the track, because the visuals and every single lyrical flow, simply does the deed.

Already, “Shots Fired” has received a lot of positive reviews from her fans. Due to the widespread appreciation, there’s no doubt it could be her best hit track yet. Ms.Erikka is living true to her mission to be raw and hard, with songs from her studio and live performances. Check out “Shots Fired” and leave a message below.






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