Jevon Talks about Injustice in “Can’t Breathe”


“What’re you doing writing checks, why you selling cigarettes, why you trying to resist, hands up, hands up…”

– quote from “Can’t Breathe”

The Los Angeles based emcee and producer Jevon is known for his witty lyrics and his love for southern trap influence goes back in time to show the widespread unfair treatments of the lives of blacks, which is as long as American’s history.

“Can’t Breathe” is a tribute to the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police, which isn’t the first time the corrupt justice system has reared its ugly head. In this video, Jevon shows how blacks have been brutally killed at the hands of the police for as long as ever.

The track also sheds light on the reasons why nothing is ever done to break the chain of events as governments have always found a reason to deflect the exact reasons behind the killings of blacks.

He also talks about how any black man can be harassed or killed for nothing, and without a second thought.

Jevon goes all out to explain how a simple walk down the street, a hoodie…or even staying inside the home can be used as leverage for snuffing out the life of blacks. “Can’t Breathe” is Jevon’s way of speaking out in support of the need to restructure the justice system in America. Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, he said, “As a first-hand victim of harassment and mistreatment by the justice system, I feel obligated to make a song from the perspective of a Black person living in America. I’m hoping that this song becomes big enough to become a voice for Blacks who feel silenced…” 

The visuals for the song “Can’t Breathe” is a dark and horrific picture of molestation beginning from the age of slavery right to the modern-day harassments, mistreatments, rape, and murder at the hands of the justice system. It also showcases the many lives and victims of the corrupt justice system. Jevon’s “Can’t Breathe” simply tells the black story in the masterful flow that only he is known and leave a comment below.





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