Lando Drops Hit Song “Intro-Vert”


“I be so fly when I’m in a airport, I’m gone hop on a plane and they gone let me fly it…”

– quote from “Intro-Vert”

If you’re out to hear an emcee whose voice and flow are as original and unique as you’ve never seen, then Lando is your man. Lando is a Cape Girardeau, Missouri native whose rap talents are extraordinary. He is exceedingly talented such that irrespective of the beat, he knows how to rap along the flow to produce an exhilarating performance.

Although initially based in his hometown, Lando now takes to Memphis and San Diego for his musical performances. His affiliation to these cities began right after the release of the very song that ushered him to limelight. In all his displays of his musical skills, the up and coming artist never infuses less of his energy and vibrancy.

Just recently, Lando dropped his latest single titled “Intro-Vert”. “Intro-Vert” is a contemporary rap song with pretty fast-paced Chicago Drill type beat. Lando did not fall short of his flow in anyway throughout the 120 seconds of the song. Even when his rap is at its highest in the song,  Lando understood how to skillfully maneuver his way down the pitch. In all, Lando does not feature a chorus in the song and singlehandedly managed every aspect of the song on his own.

Check out “Intro-Vert” and leave a comment below.









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