Theo Blue Throws Light on Societal Crisis in “The Same”

Theo Blue

“I take my pain and shove it inside my fears, I know you can’t understand why I have tears…”

– quote from “The Same”

Theo Blue is a Los Angeles artist who is known for his consistent vocal and lyrical contact with the emotional impact of the circumstances around him. Theo began making music early in life and has been doing so for more than a decade. He was a renowned member of TheKnuBlack right before he decided that going solo was ideal for him. Theo is currently making his mark in the music scene as all his releases are readily available on all streaming platforms across the globe.

Although Theo Blue is still in his twenties, he does understand what it means to uphold one’s root despite the temptation to diversify. He has, since the onset of his music career, remained loyal to his origin with every ounce of energy he possesses. With his powerful lyrics, Theo has always dealt thoroughly with issues pertaining to trauma, inner pain which is usually concealed, failed relationships and abandonment.

In his most recent release “The Same”, the Los Angeles artist presents soulful lyrics with heartfelt emotions over calm and soberly impressive beats. The song is a unique blend of soul, hip hop and R&B, and it borders on sensitive issues like racism and mental sanity. The fact that Theo shed a lot of light on sensitive issues by simply using lyrical prowess makes “The Same” worth the while.

Theo Blue The Same

“The Same” was released on same day as Martin Luther King Day, and Theo sure did have a story to tell about his African American descent and the societal differences in the U.S. He made reference to the times he experienced the nightmare associated with living the American dream and getting accepted in the society. In all, he looks back and is grateful that he is not THE SAME.

Check out the video to explore the emotional adventures of Theo Blue’s “The Same”.





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