G.L.A.M Unleashes Her Latest Song “UhUh Yeah”


“You don’t even know me, but you’re vocal, thanks for the promo…”

– quote from “UhUh Yeah”

Good Lyrics And Music (G.L.A.M), is an Oakland native whose musical talents cut across several genres in a unique manner. She’s an emcee with the kind of distinctness that surpasses the ordinary. Having been exposed to the music game all her life, G.L.A.M officially ventured into her music career in grad school. And ever since then, she’s been pumping unwavering waves of energetic melody into the music scene.

G.L.A.M was born to parents with musical inclinations – her father, Dangerous Dame, is a platinum writer, and her mother, Nic Nac, is a renowned platinum recording artist. Apart from being an excellent vocalist, G.L.A.M is also a pro with the pen. She writes and self-produced her songs and the millions of streams she gathers on each project are the proof of her musical prowess. G.L.A.M is highly recognized as a popular rapper with unrelenting passion for dance and electronic music. She also has an in depth liking for bass line, such that her unique style of blending and mixing it into her melodies creates unexplainable vibes in her listeners.

From featuring her voice in tracks released by artists like SRSLY and Black Caviar, to self-producing her own hit tracks, G.L.A.M constantly redefines her influential status in the music scene. For the record, her collaboration with Black Caviar “Killer Shit Funk” recorded more than 4 million streams online and also became ad soundtracks on MTV, First Wives Club TV Show, and Apple. Their second project together “Alright Alright, Okay” also gathered over 2 million streams and saw the emcee gaining a stand with the Adidas brand.

Just recently, G.L.A.M has taken to her latest release “UhUh Yeah” to elaborate on how her inner quiet self energizes the vibrant personality she exudes in her songs. In “UhUh Yeah”, she proves that she is capable of bearing the gravity of her musical prowess all by herself, and can also withstand and defeat any form of challenge or rivalry that may want to confront her rising. “UhUh Yeah” is the perfect bass-filled song to help you see the world from G.L.A.M’s very perspective.

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